Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Wednesday is Rednesday!

Today I am joining Sue over at It's A Very Cherry World who is hosting Rednesday. This is my first Rednesday post. I didnt think I had much red stuff around the house but when I actually looked, I had quite a lot!

I bought this little red chair off Ebay. It is need of a bit of tlc and when I get around to it I am going to sand it down and re-paint it...probably red again.

I always buy some candles for the table at Christmas and this year I have gone for some spotty red Cath Kidston candles.

I have finally brought all my geraniums in to protect them from the cold. This one sits in the kitchen window and is still looking quite good.

I bought these two cake tins from Tesco last week. They were £6.00 for the two which I thought was a good deal.

This little red bird is from a craft shop in Ellesmere, a small market town near me. It is filled with lavender so smells as nice as it looks .

This red gingham cushion sits on my bed and is from Laura Ashley.

Well okay I know this isnt exactly red but it is red themed! This is my favourite home magazine and this is the December issue, out now and full of lots of lovely festive things. I do love Christmas magazines!


  1. Red is my favourite colour! I love all your things. xxx

  2. I like red and very much like the selection of things that you have shown us. In particular the red chair from Ebay, the cushion, the dotty tins.
    Isabelle x

  3. Hi Susie,
    Welcome to your first REDnesday! You have a very pretty blog. All your reds are simply wonderful! Love the chair and the tins. But I really like the cushion! Enjoy your day.


  4. Susie! Welcome to Rednesday! I'm so glad you joined in! You've got some fantastic reds there. I especially love those cake tins. And that sweet little chair. And the little birdy. I think I love it all! I hope you'll join in every week now. Go get some more red stuff!
    Happy Rednesday!

  5. Hi Susie!
    I'm not a fan of red (I would never buy it for myself), but I like all your redish bits! You've a great passion for Mini I see!

  6. Very cute stuff. I really like your little stuffed bird andbirdhouse. I'm seeing lots of polka dots too!

  7. So much lovely rednessness!I'm a red girl too.The colour just makes me feel happy.
    Lovely things you have,and Period Living is a great magazine...just off to get my copy.


  8. Owww... love all the reds!!! Especially the polka dotted ones!!!! And your chair looks pretty I wouldn't paint it over, it has a certain charm.
    Have a nice Rednesday-evening!

  9. Ooooh, red polka dot candles - gotta get me some of them! There's not a thing you posted about that I don't like - they all look so wonderful, even the magazine cover! Thanks for joining us today!

  10. Great REDS! I love the tins and the candles. I've got a weakness for polka dots! And I love geraniums!

  11. What super red things you have in your home. I love the little lavender bird and the gingham cushion - very pretty:)

  12. LOVE RED!! It's a lovely cosy, warm colour!! Your post is lovely!

    Sharon xx

  13. Hello Susie, your first Rednesday is quite amazing... I love, love the red chair contrasting with the blue furniture, cake tins and red bird are so lovely, cushion, red candles and magazine are great, and also love the white enamel jar.
    have a lovely weekend
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia

  14. Ah red, my favourite, I am mad about it so I loved this post!

    Sarah x

  15. Hello, Susie,
    All of your reds are wonderful and cheery! That little red bird is especially calling to me! Sweet autumn blessings to you, dear friend. Vicki

  16. LOVE the red polka dots and the shape of that chair is so sweet.

  17. I don't go for red around the home, but I love it in the garden, especially at this time of year. I did see those tins, but would have really liked them in pale blue polka dot, just like your cloth! x

  18. I have never heard of Rednesday, but love the idea. I never did like red when I was a child, but do like it now and when I look around I seem to have more in the house then I thought I did, just like you! Isn't it funny how blogging makes us take a really good look at our surroundings, indoor or out, and see it all thru different eyes!! I love your background picture, the flowers in it match so perfectly to the photo of your header!! thanks for your lovely comment on my recent Chicken/rooster post. they sure can be interesting, something I could never have imagined years ago. I will be dropping by again soon, hugs, Debby

  19. Hello my darling, how is my favourite blogger, I hope life is treating you marvelously. Darling, great mines think alike, this morning I got up and thought red and posted a red polka dot post...this is interesting. I had never heard of Rednesday, I will check it out. I love your Tesco tins, they would have looked good with my post today.

    Take care
    Love & Hugs