Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Medieval Fayre

Hello everyone. Okay, so I know I haven't been around blog land for a while but now I am feeling inspired to get started again.

Thank you to everyone who has left messages and emails to see how I was. It was very thoughtful of you all. I have been kind of lurking for a while so thought it was about time I started posting again. I have missed all my bloggy friends out there so it will be nice to get in touch again.

On Sunday we decided to brave the freezing temperatures and drive down to Ludlow in South Shropshire for their medieval Christmas fayre.

There were lots of medieval type things to try including archery!

Plenty of arrows available for those who are not so good at hitting the target.

All the stall holders and people involved with the fayre dress up. These knights at the gate to the castle were pretty impressive.

There are a lot of nice food shops in Ludlow and this one is very typical with its produce on show outside the windows.

This autumn has apparently been what's called a 'mast' year. There has been an unbelievable amount of fruit and nuts in the hedgerows. This is a good thing for the wildlife with all the cold weather we are having now as we dont usually get snow as early as November. The holly tree in my garden looks very festive with its dusting of snow.

That's all for now. I'm off to try and do some catching up and have a look at what everyone else has been up to!