Saturday, 30 January 2010

Here it is!

Most of you guessed that my new piece of kitchen furniture was a dresser and here it is! I am really pleased with it. It was made by my brother who, very handily, happens to be a carpenter! The paintwork is Blue Grey by Farrow and Ball and the boards at the back of the shelves are painted in contrasting Off White. Eventually I hope to get the rest of the kitchen to match!

Now I have somewhere to show off all my Cath Kidston stuff!

I bought this cutlery basket today from a little shop in Ellesmere called Hoppies. They have lots gorgeous interiors stuff and have a web site here. They have some very nice restored furniture.

Do you remember the hyacinths I planted last September? Well the pink ones are out and smelling gorgeous but unfortunately the yellow ones didnt seem to do as well and they stilll haven't come out.

We had more snow last night but today is a beautiful, sunny day. I took a little walk around the garden to see what's coming through. These snowdrops peeking through the snow should be out in the next few days.

The catkins are appearing on the hazel in the hedge.

And finally, I saw this today. Yes, it is blue sky! It hasn't been around for a while, at least not this blue anyway. It is amazing how a sunny day with clear blue sky can lift your spirits isn't it. Spring is not far away.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Can you tell what it is yet?

Hello everyone. Have you survived the snow, frost, heavy rain that seems to be pelting down on the world at the moment? Thank you for all your encouraging comments on my last post. I’m happier now! I had been worrying about the results of my yearly mammogram. There was a little ‘glitch’ on my last film so I was recalled to have extra views and an ultrasound scan. Having already had breast cancer I was scared sh**less as you can imagine and the wait for the results has at times been unbearable, but thankfully, all is okay so I feel I can now start getting on with things again! I’m having a piece of furniture made for the kitchen. It is something that I have always wanted and I can’t wait for it to be finished. This is how it looks at the moment. Can you tell what it is? All will be revealed…hopefully in a couple of week’s time!

As I'm into all things mismatched at the moment, as a treat to myself I have ordered this Eclectic Cutlery Set from Contemporary Home. It consists of four knives, four forks, four spoons and four teaspoons and each piece is different.

Finally, I am really pleased to receive an award from the Duchess over at Rose Tea Cottage. I feel very honoured...almost like royalty!! Thank you for thinking of me Duchess.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Chilly Walk

Yes, more snow! Are you all sick of the sight of it yet? As much as I love the snow and how pretty is can look, I hate all the problems it brings with it. I haven't been in the land of blog for a few days and I have found it difficult to get started and inspired by anything this year. I've been too preoccupied with the cold weather. I had a horrible week last week. Getting to work has been a struggle but I did manage to get in every day, although arriving late! Of course you get no thanks for arriving which makes you wonder why you even bothered. January, as you probably guessed, is not my favourite month of the year and the sooner its over the better!
I decided to go for a walk yesterday to try and cheer myself up. The mere in Ellesmere is completely frozen over. This is quite unusual and I think I have only seen it completely frozen a couple of times in my lifetime.
There are lots of migrant birds visiting for the warmer weather! These Canada geese must have got quite a shock when they arrived to this weather.

They get fed regularly by people visiting the mere so as soon as you arrive they swarm around you looking for something to eat.

My garden seems to have survived the worst of it. I have an olive tree outside the back door which amazingly seems to have survived the -14C degree temperature.

The sun came out today which has melted quite a bit of the snow but temperatures still havent risen above freezing. Hopefully I will be in a better mood for my next post! I did notice when walking around the garden that there are lots of daffodils and snowdrops beginning to come through so spring can't be that far away....can it?