Monday, 23 November 2009


I had a really good day in London. The weather was kind to us and I managed to get to all the shops I wanted to go to and even buy some Christmas presents! It all looked very Christmassy with the lights and decorations everywhere. Here are a few photos from my day.
Big Ben! It was just going dark when I took this picture so its a bit blurry!Trafalgar Square.

Cath Kidston. I've never been to a CK shop before as there are none near me so it was a real treat to finally see all her stuff in reality! The shop is stuffed to the rafters with things I liked! I bought some presents here for my family...which I can't show you yet as they'll look at my blog and see them!

Another corner of CK shop.

Which bag would you choose?

I love her kitchen stuff.

There was even a bowl of washing up in the vintage section!

This is me in Selfridges with just a few shopping bags.

I thought I'd show this couch. Its not really my taste but I thought is was interesting. Its for sale in the Conran shop and is only £4,975!!!

I thought these sugar mice candles were quite cute.

Andy eyeing up a Ferrari but unfortunately a little on the small side for him!!

This 'tree' stands outside the Royal Academy of Arts on Piccadilly and although I love traditional trees I thought this contemporary one was really impressive.

Fortnum and Mason had lovely Christmas displays in their windows.

Cartier on Bond Street. Unfortunately, I was window shopping only here but when I win the lottery I might venture inside!!

More my price range...Debenhams on Oxford Street looked very pretty! That's all for now. Have a good week everyone and hope we have no more rain!


  1. ..just a few shopping bags, ha ha! You're a modest lady, Susie! Glad you had a lovely time in London! xxx

  2. Oh every photo is lovely lovely LOVELY.
    London is wonderful!! this post takes me to London!! Fantasdtic.Thank you for sharing!
    Cath's shop are pretty.I wish xxx

  3. Really enjoyed your photos and trip to London.I remember when my sister and I were young, my father would drive us up there at night so we could see all the lovely Christmassy shop windows and all the was magical.
    I would have been like a child in a sweet shop in that CK shop!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos, Susie! That shop with the darling and spunky teacups looks divine...I love everything about it...the photo of Big Ben is fabulous...the Cartier building and the Debenham's as well, remind me of the way "uptown" was decorating in Chicago when I was a child...we spent hours walking in the snow to see the window dressings! This was lovely...I truly felt as if I was almost there!

    God bless...Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. It looks like you had a wonderful shopping day! I think I would have been overwhelmed in the Cath Kidston shop. Too many pretties! Those mice candles are just adorable too. Thanks for taking me to London with you. It's probably the closest I'll ever get to actually being there!
    Happy Monday!

  6. Looks lovely!!

    I love your header! Pleased you are in the christmas spirit!...everyone is laughing at me because I am putting my tree up at the weekend lol! xx

  7. Brilliant pictures! When the kids went last week, we only got 'arty' shots, none of the beautiful shops. xxx

  8. mmmm that sofa-I'll take two!
    Love Lyn

  9. Glad you had a good day, shopping in London is always fun when it's near to Christmas especially in Fortnums. Did you go in the Food Hall? I love it in there. That sofa! Imagine trying to curl up on that when you weren't feeling very well - that fabric would be enough to finish you off completely I should think:)

  10. this is more than likely the closest I'd ever get to thank you very much for the tour!

  11. Oh what a wonderful day...I would have loved that day!
    That sofa is amazing!

  12. Thanks for the tour! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I would LOVE to go to a Cath Kidston store. What yummy yummy things they have. I would probably spend all of my money right there!

  13. Gorgeous Susie, I am so desperate for my Londom fix, I really enjoyed this. I really like the big Ben Picture its so atmospheric,

    Sarah x

  14. Oh my gosh, your post about your shopping trip to London is just fantastic. I am in love with that Cath Kidston store, I was looking at the pictures time and again and just could have chosen a dozen things from just those shots. I can not imagine what I would have walked out with had I actually been IN the store. :-) The decorations outside are so fantastic, reminding me much of how things look in the states. Here in germany the cities do decorate for the holidays but don't get too frilly about it. Germans are such lovely down to earth people, no frills about everything! My DH has been to London and loved it and has been trying to find a way for him and I to get there together one of these days. This post sure is an incentive to do just that. Thanks for your comment on my Thanksgiving post. It is not a holiday over here either in Germany, but I am still an american at heart and keep with the tradition and cook a turkey dinner with all the trimmings for me, DH and the kids. I love it, inspite of my aching feet from so many hours in the kitchen. It will all be worth it when we get to sit down to the feast tomorrow! warmly, Debby

  15. Christmas shopping in London... Does it get better than that? I think not! Thanks for the photo journey, it was much enjoyed.

  16. Hi Susie, what a lovely trip to London, and how wonderful it looks at this time of year.
    Thank you very much for all the photos you took, I enjoyed so much shopping with you.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia

  17. Hello Sarah

    I have really enjoyed your virtual trip to London. I haven't been to London this year and am itching to go soon. Your photos have really made me want to go but I'll have to wait until beginning of next year, too busy until then! All the shopping bags full of presents! It looks like it was a successful shopping trip.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  18. Hello~Looks like a fabulous day of shopping....I'm so jealous!

  19. what a lovely day out, Christmas is one of the few times I love London with all their window displays and sparkly lights :) LOVE the Cath Kidson store.