Monday, 30 November 2009

Ludlow Medieval Fayre

On Saturday I drove down to Ludlow for the Medieval Fayre. Ludlow is a market town in South Shropshire and is a bit of a food lovers mecca! It is famous for having more Michelin starred restaurants than any other town outside London! I'm not sure whether that's true but Mr Underhill's is very good!
When we arrived, the place was absolutely heaving with people. I couldnt believe how busy it was. You couldnt really get into the shops so we headed straight over to the Fayre.
My mum ready for our shopping.

There are lots of really good food shops in Ludlow and there is a good market in the Square.

The fayre itself was held in the grounds of Ludlow Castle.

If you fancy a gargoyle to go on your house then here's the place to come!

There were hundreds of stalls all around the castle grounds.
There were lots of medieval themed things you could buy, including suits of armour, swords and bows and arrows! Well I suppose you never know when they might come in handy!

Me and my mum on the mulled wine! We had a really good day. It was well worth going and there was a nice Christmassy atmosphere.

I bought this knitted rabbit from one of the craft stalls. It is made by 'Flock of Ages' and all their products are made with wool from their own flock of sheep. You should check out their website. They knit some really cute animals.

I also bought some Victorian style gift tags.

A finally with it being the start of Advent, here's my calendar which I put up yesterday. Happy Advent everyone.


  1. Looks like a lovely day out....bit cold though! Bet you were glad of the mulled wine..XXXX

  2. You had fantastic shopping.Seems chilly.thank you for sharing about London advent

  3. What a super day out, Susie - Ludlow looks wonderful - it is ages since I've been there - and the fayre looks very festive. Glad you had a great time:)

  4. Awww Ludlow looks like a lovely little place and with the fair it looks so fun! I hope you had a good time -looks like it! And I'm loving your banner! xxx

  5. Hooray..what a fun made my day!! I wish I was there..picking out one of those gargoyles to add to my collection..actually I want the owl! Beautiful pictures..thankyou for documenting such a fabulous time..well it stole my heart anyways! Fun Fun!! I love it!
    Great post!

  6. My Dad lived in Ludlow when he was a child.He used to tell me stories of how he and his sister would play down by the river and the castle.
    I went to visit a few years ago and loved the market and the whole atmosphere.
    Love your wintery 'header'!


  7. Your mum loves Cath too I see!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely day out,can't wait to see more of your Christmas decs, you've a great taste Susie!

  8. That's it! I'm moving to England! Can I stay at your place for a few days? Or weeks? That fayre looked like alot of fun, and the setting couldn't be more perfect. Thanks for sharing your day!

  9. That looks like such fun! I love your knitted rabbit and your advent calendar. Have a great week! Twyla

  10. Oh, Susie, I would have loved to go to that fayre with you and your mom!! I loved the sweet rabbit and gift tags you purchased. I also think your advent calendar is wonderful! Have a lovely week! Vicki

  11. So much Christmassy lovleyness and I really like your makeover with the new header and Christmas images, I have been meaning to do it all weekend and it still hasn't happened! Oh well maybe next weekend?

    Sarah x

  12. Hi Susie, we have no old castles around and if we did they would have been taken down by earthquakes. I love when I can see arquitecture from England, so many beauty around.
    How nice to shop with your mom.
    I would love if you come to visit me.
    Muchos cariños
    Maria Cecilia

  13. What a great day to spend with your Mum. Very nice. Thanks for sharing the day with us.

  14. Hello Susie darling I am glad to see that you and your lovely mum had a great time. I was at Ludlow Castle last year and loved it, the castle and the town. The rabbit is adorable by the way and so is your Christmassy blog photos....gorgeous. Have a lovely week luv.

    Love & Hugs

  15. That looks like a wonderful day. I really enjoy this type of event and your photos are great. The little rabbit you purchased is very cute and I'd love to have some of the tags, especially the blue and white teacup.

  16. How great to have a medieval fayre to go to, and mulled wine to drink. It reminds me of the fayre we went to in Cologne. I really like the Christmas bits 'n bobs you bought. The buildings in Ludlow are spectacular. A lovely photo of you and your mum. My mum had a love of gargoyles! x

  17. what an awesome day!!! it looks like you guys had so much fun!