Monday, 8 June 2009

Rainy days and Birthdays

It was party time this weekend as it was my nephew's second Birthday. He's really into Thomas the Tank Engine as you can see here, blowing out the candles with mummy on a Thomas the Tank Engine cake in his Thomas the Tank Engine t shirt!

Testing out the new sandpit.

More sand on the patio than in the sand pit!
Sandy socks and shoes.

Time for a bit of cricket. Rain actually didn't stop play for a change!

I decided it would be a good idea to rescue some flowers from the garden that have been battered down by the rain. I don't usually like to pick flowers from the garden as I always think it is a shame when they look so pretty in the borders but as these had practically been flattened by the rain I thought I might as well pick them and at least appreciate them in the house.


  1. I just found your comment on my blog and hurried right over for a little visit. It is soooooo lovely to be able to cross the Atlantic while sitting right here at my desk!!!

    I LOVE your blog - - - will be back to spend more time searching for pictures of your home-in-progress. Can't WAIT to find what it looks like.

    Thanks for visiting me AND letting me know you were there by leaving a comment!!!

  2. As you can imagine, having only just started my blog, I get quite excited to see comments so thank you so much for yours Keetha. I'm looking forward to checking your updates.

  3. LOL - - - you'll have a lot of checking to do - - - I'm QUITE prolific.