Saturday, 30 May 2009

Summer's Here!

Summer is finally here and the corn is ripening! The weather was beautiful today with cloudless blue skies. When the day had cooled down a little, I took a walk down the lane than runs past the house and into the fields to watch the swallows swooping over the corn for flies.


  1. I'm so excited to follow the progress of your home transformation! It looks like you are living the good life, there in the English countryside. It's where I want to visit, more than anywhere else in the world. Your garden is so lovely, and what a view down your lane! Swallows! So lucky!

  2. Ok, is ANY of this that I'm seeing in these pictures what you folk over the pond call "heather?" I read about heather in my novels all the time and am just not sure what to picture in my head - - -

  3. No, sorry to disappoint you but this is not heather. Heather tends to grow on hillsides so you see a lot of it in Wales and Scotland and when it is in flower it makes the hills look purple! The area I live in has a lot of arable land and pasture so it is mainly grass and crops in these pictures.