Monday, 25 May 2009

Over the past week...

Sunday was a total wash out which was unfortunate as I'd been invited to a family BBQ. It turned out to be a good party but we had to have it indoors and cooked the sausages under the grill!

My dad above, waiting for the food! A bit later on the weather improved so we managed to get out into the garden and kick a ball around with my nephew.

Later that day when I arrived home, I got onto Ebay as I'd been watching a Georgian mahogany bow fronted chest of drawers which was to end that evening and amazingly, I won it! The next day my brother and I trecked out in the van to Mold in Flintshire to collect it.

The new chest of drawers. It looks really nice but could do with a good polish. At the moment it's sitting in the living room but eventually I think we'll put it in one of the bedrooms!

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  1. My grandparents had a bow chest of drawers just like yours. I remember one drawer contained all the photos. Many a great barbecue has been eaten indoors! x