Friday, 30 October 2009

Party Prep!

Today I have been busy getting things ready for our Halloween party tomorrow night! There's about 60 people coming so we have quite a bit of food and drink to prepare!

Eyeballs anyone? I bought these floating candles from the supermarket and thought they'd look good in red water!
My mum grew a lot of pumpkins this year so we had a plentiful supply to make into decorations.

I bought these party favours to decorate the puddings.

This is the first layer of my slime green jelly complete with spiders!

I'll be posting more pictures of the party itself at the weekend. Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Happy Halloween to you Susie!
    Those candles look so scaaaaary!!!!

  2. Very fun - - - the eyeball candles are GREAT.

    You are sure a cute little skinny thing!

    I USED to be a skinny thing - - - never will have THAT description again I'm afraid.

  3. Hi,Susie

    Sounds very fun!! Nice decolations..Scarely lights are great!!

    I wish i were at your party...
    Happy Halloween to you!

  4. Yes, I agree with Keetha, you are lovely!
    Love the eyeballs, can't wait for the photographs...have a great time!

  5. I say! check out those eyeballs!!! what a lovely welcome! Tee hee,

    HAVE A FUN TIME, I'm sure it will be a "SCREAM!" tee hee,

    Love Sarah x

  6. Looks wonderful, Susie - hope you all have a great time:)

  7. Have a super,scary halloween!Love it all...except the spiders...shudder.


  8. Looks like Fabulous fun!! Yay..great post!

  9. You certainly give a great party. I love the baby costume, she's adorable. Thanks for letting us peek at your party. They eyeballs are something else I've never seen before. Blessings, Janet