Saturday, 17 October 2009

Autumn Garden and Shopping!

I've been a bit neglectful of blogging lately. Work is so busy at this time of year and I have had a cold for two weeks. Its getting better now and I'm starting to feel like I have more energy, so here I am and I thought I'd show you some of the garden. The holly tree is covered in berries at the moment.

The birds love the berries and when they are ready, quickly devour them so that unfortunately, when the holly is brought in at Christmas for decorating, there's hardly a berry left!

Because we've had such mild weather, the leaves have lasted on the trees, giving spectacular displays of colour.

A flowering currant turning pink.

These little toadstools sprout up all over the lawn at this time of year.

I've been shopping today and bought some party things including...

some fireworks for Guy Fawkes night...

some baubles for the Christmas tree...

and Halloween costumes for a party we are going to on 31 October. This is Andy's costume and...

this is mine, although it is doubtful whether I'll look as sexy as the witch on the packet, but I will do my best!!!


  1. Your holly is beautiful! I actually have 2 holly seedlings I discovered in my cottage garden this week. There must be a tree nearby and the birds brought me a gift! I have had a nasty cold too, glad you are feeling better and thanks for sharing the lovely garden pics!

  2. Hi Susie! Your holly tree looks great! I've got just a small one...but I've never seen any berry on it!
    I've done some Halloween shopping too before feeling bad and cold! I'm very disappointed...we don't have any Christmas item in our shops yet!
    Have a lovely Sunday! xxx

  3. Great photos of your garden. I love the holly berries. Enjoy those costumes and the party!

  4. Be sure to post some photographs of you as the sexy witch please! You'll look fab. Great holly tree, I've never seen so many berries! XXX

  5. Nice berries!!
    Annd great party is coming!! Fantastic!!
    sexy witch looks so pretty.Hve s fun!!

  6. Every event taken care of in your shopping basket!
    Pop over to mine to pick up an award for your lovely blog!

  7. I think we all want to see pics of that party! And your garden is showing such beautiful autumn colors! Hope you're feeling all better real soon!

  8. Glad you are feeling better after your cold - just in time to enjoy your Halloween party. Yours holly looks wonderful - I love to see lots of berries - good for the birds too:)

  9. Ah those shiny red balls and those shiny red berries and those beautful red leaves....its coming! Eeeeeek, squeal so excited, shhhhhh it is frowned upon to be so early with anticipation, I promise to keep a lid on it a little longer!

    Sarah x

  10. Glad you agree about the Jenson looky-likey contest! I would like to point out that I dont fancy either of them...........................MUCH! tee hee

    Sarah x

  11. Hello, Susie,
    The autumn colors in your garden are so beautiful! I love the little toadstools. I can almost see a little fairy perched on one!! Enjoy your Halloween party, your costumes are very nice. Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit today. Blessings to you! Vicki

  12. Your garden pictures are so gorgeous! I love your holly tree. I'm sorry the birds eat all of the berries, though! I think a holly tree would be nice to have in our garden someday. :)

    I hope you feel completely yourself ASAP! I will say a little prayer that you do! :)

    Take good care of yourself, :)

  13. the pictures are lovely!! xxx

  14. Hi Susie, hope your cold is completely over and the energy has return to you to its fullest. The outfit of that sexi witch is fantastic, bet you´ll look great and will have lots of fun. Seeing your fireworks I´ve just remember my last night dream, oh my god, there was fire all around my house with lots of wind, take care with fireworks!!
    Love the mushrooms and the holly tree.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Maria Cecilia

  15. Wow..the Holly is stunning..beautiful photo!! All your photos are beautiful..I am captivated with th holly..spectacular job!
    Lovely post!

  16. that holly looks fabulous, great food for the birds :) How exciting you have bonfire night to look forward to, I do miss that not living in England anymore. Didn't think I would miss standing out in the cold going ooo and ahhhh but I do! Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your new bathroom, coming along a treat :) Catherine x

  17. Hi Susie, thanks for your lovely comments, I hope you are feeling better?

    Sarah x