Monday, 5 October 2009

A Mish Mash

I seem to have got a bit behind with my posting just lately so this post is a mixture of things I've done and seen locally over the last couple of weeks.

These red sunflowers are out in the garden.
A concert in the park....

...with a picnic.

This balloon came in to land in a field near the house so I ran upstairs to take some photos through the bedroom window!

The logs have been delivered for the winter.

The corn is as high as an elephant's eye...well nearly!

Blackberry picking.

Walking in the fields.

View across the fields.

This is a first for me, photographing the inside of a garden shed! It is my brother's new shed and he's very proud of it so we were all invited to look at it before he fills it up with rubbish!

Today we dined in the library!! Well actually its the pub and a little celebration meal for my brother's birthday.
Shrewsbury School rowers on the river Severn.

Walking by the river Severn.

And finally...this is my parent's dog, Barnie who died today. He gave us lots of love, fun and laughs for the last 14 years. RIP Barnie. I will miss you lots and lots and lots.


  1. Hi Susie, I'm sorry to hear about Barnie, our beloved pets are part of the family. ((Hugs))

    You've such a nice and smiling family and beautiful sunflowers! I've never seen a red one!

  2. Oh,Susie..I'm very sorry to read at bottom of this posting. How upset your family feel.

    Your celebration looks so happy.
    congratulations to your brother's birthday!!

  3. Oh Susie, I'm so sorry for the loss of Barnie. It's so sad to lose a pet, because they are a big part of the family.
    You take the best pictures! From that walk by the river, to dining at the pub, I feel like I was there. I wish I was! I know I've told you before how badly I want to visit the English countryside, so I always appreciate the pictures you take, when you're out and about!
    Hope you're having a great day!

  4. Sorry about Barnie, he looked a lovely dog.
    Love the picnic, mars bars & wine, my kinda picnic!!! XXX

  5. Hello, Susie,
    I loved taking a stroll through your activities of the past week or so. It looks like everyone was having a lot of fun. I am sorry to hear of the passing of your family's pet. It is a very hard thing to lose a pet. Blessings to you! Vicki

  6. Oh dear!I was enjoying your post so much and then to read of dear Barnie...what a lovely sweet looking dog.So sorry for your family.We lost our dog (aged 16)in 2005.It was a very sad time.


  7. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love all the things you've done, but in particular I love the river Severn. Yikes your pubs do look like a library. What a wonderful setting. Happy Birthday to your brother. And last, but certainly not least. . my deep sympathies for Barnie. Losing a member of the family makes a big hole in the heart. Blessings, Janet

  8. So much to get caught up on. Your pics and experiences are wonderful. The river is beautiful with the flower boxes on the rails. I am so sorry to hear about Barnie. I'm sure he will be so missed. I can sympathize with you, especially with my Dusty's problems. He is home now and has the stitches out tomorrow. I can tell he is still having a problem, I guess it'll just take time to heal.

  9. Hi Susie,

    I saw one of your lovely comments on a blog (can't remember which) and thought I'd come to visit your cottage!! Hope you don't mind if I look around! lol!! I love it. Although it must get tedious at times, you have to be loving the renovations. I know I would!

    I thought the picnic you went on looked like so much fun but I was so impressed when I saw those napkins on elastic around your leg (with the British flag). How awesome!! I have never heard of them!!

    I am working on an English Country themed garden and I was wondering what those lovely, tall pink flowers are in the header of your blog are. Right up front. Lupines?? Delphinium? I have to have them! I am also working on an updated sort of English kitchen and so far a British friend has told me I am doing well. Would love to have your input someday.

    I am so sorry about the family dog, Barnie. He was precious looking. I am sure he led a great life and I hope that time will help your heart's heal.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!! :-)


  10. Poor barnie! RIP

    Thanks for your comment. The bedside table is an old sewing box, Tim's mum found it. It was being chucked out by the owners. She said her great grandfather made it so it's quite old. I just added a couple of transfer and some little jewel handles and that was it.

    Sian x

  11. I had a lot to say about every photo until I read about Barney. Oh I am just so sorry for your family loss. Pets are like children to us in this house and my heart aches for you!

  12. Sorry about Barnie, he reached a good age didn't he?
    Love the lookof that pub with all the books, wonderful.

  13. Lovely photos. Looks like you have been busy and enjoying yourself out and about - how comforting to have a huge woodpile ready for the cold weather:) Barney looks a wonderful dog you will all miss him, but have lots of happy memories of his time with you, too.

  14. Oh, that last bit took me by surprise. What a lovely dog Barney looks. I'm so sorry.

  15. There is something so comforting about a newly stacked woodpile, dinner in a library, and an old dog's sweet face. I know you will miss Barnie terribly. You will be in my thoughts.

  16. Thanks for sharing all these great photos. I love the gorgeous sunflower, the library in a pub and the beautiful flowers along the Severn.

    So sorry about Barnie. He looked like such a sweet tempered dog.

  17. Hello Susie, it´s has been almost a week since I was in my blog for the last time... today I found your comment and I really thank you for being so nice to me as mentioning me in your blog... I´m a fan of your blog since many months now, before I opened my own blog, and there`s always a pleasure to come to visit you... please excuse my english...
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia
    p.s. I love the picture where you are picking blackberries, I believe you had a great time doing it!!

  18. Bless Barnie. The rest of your week looked really good

  19. Sorry to read about Barnie having died. Our 16 year old cat died last year and it feels like such a void afterwards.

    You live in a lovely area, I like the views! I too live in the countryside with fields around us and love it.
    That pub looks lovely with all the books behind.
    Isabelle x

  20. Hello Susie... Nice to meet you! So sorry about Barnie...I'm sure you have a storehouse of memories to recall at any time....Enjoyed looking around your blog. I will be back to keep an eye on this place!!!xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... Fell free to stop in anytime! Love to have you.

  21. What beautiful photos from a slice of your life! Can't wait to see some more photos of your bathroom remodel. I'm still working on mine (after 5 months!)but we aren't living in it so it's not so bad.
    I'm so sorry about Barnie, he looked like a sweet old kissable dog. I'm sure he will be missed.