Monday, 20 July 2009

Recent Buys and Finds

I bought some Cath Kidston smelly sachets today to try and make my house smell a bit sweeter! When I got back from my holiday, I realised, after being away from my home for a while, how musty and old it smells!! I think it is because we've exposed all the old plaster and beams or it could just be because I don't do much cleaning!!

I am gradually getting around to painting chairs to go with my kitchen table but I thought we could do with something a bit more comfortable to sit on so I found these cushions on Ebay. You get four for twenty quid which isn't bad I think. They are Sandersons Chelsea print which amazingly, matches the colours of the chairs.

I am collecting pewter. I have the grand total so far, of two pieces! I bought this pewter plate from Cellar Antiques in the Yorkshire Dales a couple of weeks ago. I would love an oak dresser to display them on but finances won't allow so for now they will have to sit on the mantlepiece.

I feel very lucky to have this gorgeous object. It was given to me by my aunt when I visited her in Scotland recently. It is a glass dump from the Pilkington Glass factory in St Helen's near Liverpool. I remember it from my childhood and always admired it so couldn't quite believe it when she said I could have it.

This lovely little bottle was found in a hole in the ground! Well actually, the electricity men dug it up when they came to move a cable than ran across our garden. They dug a dirty great big trench across my lawn but did at least put it all back again after moving the cable. This Mason's Extract bottle was one of many that my brother managed to rescue before they filled the trench back in - bottles and all.

These are two images from my kitchen calendar. Every month is funny but I find Dec and July a real hoot. It is by a company called Kiss me Kwik and they produce hilarious (well in my opinion anyway) cards and gifts.


  1. Those cushions match your chairs perfectly! I'm so excited by that little bottle that you found in your lawn. Imagine what other treasures might be down there! Supposedly there are alot of things buried in our yard, because they would just throw their garbage in a heap in the yard,80 years ago. I guess there is even an old car under there somewhere. Can you believe the nerve of my husband not letting me dig around in the yard to find some treasures?!

  2. Loved the cushions and the vast collection of pewter and as for the dump ....well I just love the name. Will have to google that one :>
    Cal x

  3. I just stumbled across your very cute blog. I love your kitchen chairs. Anyway I am very happy to become a follower of your lovely blog.

  4. I'd be so curious to know what other treasures may be buried in your garden? The blue bottle is lovely. Our garden contains lots of pieces of terracotta, as it is built on the grounds of old flower nurseries. Your chairs are just perfect for a country cottage. x

  5. Hi Susie, I have added the recipe from Michela onto my blog now as a p.s. as she asked me to put it there. But take a look at Michela's lovely site anyway.

  6. Thanks Cal. I will have a look. I couldn't find it on Michela's blog but she does have lots of other interesting stuff on there.

  7. Hi Susie!
    Thank your for visiting me and following my blog! :)))
    I really enjoyed the pictures of your holiday and of your garden!
    Have a lovely week!

  8. I love the colors of your chairs and the seat cushions do match them so well. The calendar is so funny, can you show more of it? I love digging and finding treasures, so much fun.