Thursday, 2 July 2009

More Garden

I have been around my garden today photographing all the flowers. I'm off to Newcastle tomorrow to stay with my cousin and then on to Scotland for break. I'm away for over a week so am hoping that my garden will not be too frazzled by the time I come home. The weather here is very hot at the moment so I'm sure everything will be more or less finished by the time I return home. My mum has offered to be on watering duty while I'm away.
The poppies and delphiniums are looking really lovely at the moment.


  1. One of the most beautiful gardens I have seen in a while! Glad you've got someone to water for you. Have fun on your hols ;-)

  2. I think your whole garden is like a fairy tale. I LOVE it all

    I didn't get even ONE gardening gene - - -

    I LOVE to SEE pretty flowers/plants, but if I touch them, they die. I also HATE garden work.

    So - - we have grass and three lonely little hostas.

  3. Magnificent! So much blue too!

  4. Everything looks gorgeous! What is that second picture? I love the color, and the foliage looks fuzzy! I'm sure your mum will keep everything alive and wonderful for you. Have fun in Scotland, you lucky, lucky girl!

  5. love the wallpaper post. I have a love/hate relationship with scraping off wallpaper. It's a pain, but oh how interesting when you peel away the years and find old wallpaper and stuff.

    Your garden is a picture. Ours was looking so gorgeous at the start of June, the roses really were fantastic this year. Then we found a wasps nest in the front garden last week (European wasps apparently, slightly bigger than our native and with a nasty sting. They build in shrubs and bushes, so if you see activity from buzzy things in a bush - beware).They've gone now, so once more our garden is a peaceful haven :O)

    Enjoy your holiday. x

  6. Your delphiniums are fabulous, I have always loved their blue. I don't have them in my garden as I cannot control the slugs and snails! One side of my garden is prone to scorching in the summer, it faces south west, and gets sun from morning 'til night. My garden is basically country cottage, with lots of perennials. x