Monday, 13 July 2009

Holiday Snaps

I'm back from my break now and my garden has survived thanks to mother and her hard work watering every day, but I was right about everything finishing in the hot weather, there is hardly a flower left.

First stop on my trek up to Scotland was the Yorkshire Dales. I went to Aysgarth to see the falls, famous for their appearance in the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner! Despite the fact that it rained non stop all day, there wasn't a lot of water coming down the falls but they were still very pretty.
Next stop was Prudhoe near Newcastle. This is where my cousin lives with his wife Cathy and their three sons, Harry, Oli and Theo. It was only an overnight stop but it was really nice to see them all again as we don't meet that often because of the distance. We were treated to a very nice meal including a delicious chocolate pudding made by Theo!
Theo adding the finishing touches to his chocolate pudding

The next day we headed up to Portgordon, a fishing village in Scotland to stay with my aunt and uncle and to see my other cousins who live nearby. We arrived at about 6.00 pm, had dinner and then went for a long walk along the beach. It was a beautiful evening and as it doesn't go dark in the summer months, the sun was still shining when we went out at 10.00 pm.

Sunset over the North Sea at Porgordon with HMS Ark Royal on the horizon

More sunset

No trip to Scotland is complete without a visit to Dallas. It was smaller than I imagined and we didnt get to see JR Ewing!! My brother and I now add to the list of idiots who have stood beside the sign for a photo!

We visited a couple of castles and this one is the very Harry Potteresque, Fraser Castle

Me (far right) with some of my family Delphiniums at Fraser Castle

Fraser Castle

Another castle, this time, Brodie Castle, owned by the National Trust

Brodie Castle

It was lovely to see the newest member of the family, Deri, who is 9 months old.


  1. Lovely photos...especially the castles.
    I'd love to do Scotland again, one day.
    Glad you had such a great time! ;-)

  2. Oh,you're so lucky, you got to visit castles! AND a fishing village! I would love to see a fishing village. Funny that there is a Dallas in Scotland! Your pictures are so great that I am yearning to go to Scotland now!

  3. Come on Carol, get on that plane. I'm sure we can put you up somewhere!

  4. Looks like a fun time was had by all! The castle is stunning and I always love pictures on the water!

  5. Lovely photos. What a great time you had, the sunsets are fantastic.

  6. We've joined the National Trust for this year. I can't wait to visit more of their properties. We have a fair few local to us, which is handy, although we may have some travelling to do. The furthest I have ever been is the Lake District, so the places and buildings you visited are new to me, especially Dallas! x