Sunday, 11 April 2010

Time for The Garden

This weekend I have made the most of the sunshine and warm weather and been out in the garden. There is quite a bit of tidying up to do and pulling out of poor, dead plants that haven't survived the harsh winter, but the main thing is digging and weeding. I cant believe how quickly the weeds appear. There are dandelions everywhere! Considering how late everything is this year, there is quite a bit of colour in the garden at the moment. Come with me on a little tour of the borders and you will see these lovely hyacinths and......pretty primroses and

bright poppies and...

elegant hellebores and...

dainty lungwort and...

delicate narcissi and...

delicious flowering currant and finally...

gorgeous grape hyacinth.

After all that gardening today it is time now for a sit down in the sunshine and a glass of wine. Cheers!



  1. Thank you for the lovely tour! Enjoy your well desrved break now! Cheers! xxx

  2. beautiful! how lovely to have a colourful garden! xx

  3. Susie, I too have been in the garden, I am so glad to see the spring at last!
    Its amazing how many flowers you have spotted!

  4. Those are beautiful flowers indeed! I always love to see flowers from other parts of the world and learn their names. I love the color of narcissi and the grape hyacinth is really gorgeous. Thanks for the tour around your garden!

  5. Lots of clean up to do in my garden as well. Your flowers are farther along than mine, so I really appreciate your lovely post!!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. I love gardening, and have been working in the garden at any spare minute I have. On Saturday I weeded one border, I could not believe all the dock weeds in there! Only another 2 borders to weed. :( lol, xxx

  7. A delightful Spring garden it is!! Here in Canada we are a bit slow getting everything into blossom..would you believe last week we had a bit of snow!! Melted ASAP but left cooler temperatures...brrr...said my flowering bulbs!

  8. It was all worth the wait! I feel like I can smell the hyacinth, because you take the best pictures. You must be in your glory, with so many beautiful things blooming at once!
    I've got so much work to do in my gardens that I hope I don't forget to stop and take some pictures like you did. The Bleeding Hearts and Hellebores are blooming, and I like to take pictures every year, to mark their progress. Your blog is just a feast for the eyes!
    Happy Gardening!

  9. Your garden is looking beautiful already! You have much more flowering than I do... I am always surprised any of our delicate plants survive the winter.

  10. Hi,Susie
    I am thinking and waiting you take us to your garden tour!! Wow!! Delightful!!

    So thank you for popping over to my Singapore post. glad to hear of your comment!

  11. So lovely to see colour back in the garden again. I had tons of dandelions in my lawn!! Menace!

  12. Susie darling your blog is bursting at the seams with creativity, colour and beauty. I am in love with your header, so lovely. I noticed a beautiful green and gold plate with a colourful posy in the centre on your sidebar that I love, you lucky girl, enjoy your lovelies in good health and happy gardening.

    Love & Hugs

  13. Cheers, Susie, I will drink a glass with you! I so enjoyed seeing your garden pretties. Don't you love springtime after a long winter? Thank you for sharing your lovely garden with us. I hope you have the loveliest of weekends! Vicki

  14. What a lovely blog I loved looking at your garden and will enjoy coming so see it and your cottage blog from time to time.Enjoy this weekends weather and your wine,
    Take care Lesley.

  15. Susie, how beautiful is getting your garden with the coming of spring!!!! All those lovely flowers to acompany your days... how nice!!!
    Enjoy warmer days!
    Maria Cecilia

  16. Its all looking lovely, i do love spring x x x