Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Cast your minds back to 1403!

Well okay, I know it is quite a long time ago! At the weekend I visited the site of the battle of Shrewsbury which took place in 1403.

The history is all a bit complicated so I am quoting from Wikipedia! The battle was fought in 1403 between an army led by King Henry IV and a rebel army led by Sir Henry Percy of Northumberland. In 1403, unhappy with King Henry IV, the powerful Percy family rose in rebellion. The family's dissatisfaction stemmed from a feeling that they had been mistreated by the king after helping him gain his crown in the wars against King Richard II. Raising an army from among the Richard's former supporters, Sir Henry "Hotspur" Percy moved south with the goal of destroying a small Royalist force at Shrewsbury commanded by the 16-year old Prince of Wales. The conflict began, after a long stand off and failed negotiations, with an archery attack from both forces followed by an attack by the King. To cut a long story short the King won and poor Percy was killed.

Anyway, I won’t go on but I will show you some photos of my visit.

This is part of the battlefield itself and as you can see, is now just farmland. Who would have thought that thousands of men fought and lost their lives 600 years ago on these fields!

There are lots of marshy bits too, a bit like The Dead Marshes! I didn’t see any hobbits though!

There is a walkway through the fields where the battle took place. There are lots of things to eat in the hedgerows at the moment.

There is a shop, cafe and exhibition and if you have the strength to pull a longbow you can have a go at archery.

On the battlefield is the Church of St Mary Magdalene. The church was built in 1406 as a memorial to those who fell in battle and is said to be have been built on or near the mass graves.

The beautiful stained glass windows of the church.

The Victorian encaustic tiles of the floor of the church replaced the medieval ones when the church was restored in 1861.

In the church, they have on display, all the coats of arms of the men who fought alongside the king and Henry Percy. I noticed there are two Kynastons (my family name) among them. Maybe they are my ancestors but who knows. It would be nice to think so!


  1. Wow! Lots of beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!
    P.S.How lovely your EB's chicken in your previous post!

  2. Thank you for telling about Battle of Shrewsbury! and what a beautiful pictures!

  3. Gorgeous church, and what a lovely painting depicting the battle, lovely colours. I haven't a clue about the battle of Shrewsbury so it was an education too. I thought I did spot a couple of Hobbits, maybe it was just me!
    Sarah x

  4. What an interesting post and great photos. I've seen the exhibition on the battle in Rowley's House Museum and have often passed the signs to the battlefield on the big roundabout near Harlaxton park and ride but have never stopped to look or visit - I will certainly do so now, thanks for sharing your adventure:)

  5. Gorgeous countryside! What an incredible part of history. The Church and its grounds are beautiful, and the fields look so peaceful now. Thank you for sharing...I really enjoy visiting you and your side of the world!

  6. You always visit such interesting places, and I thank you for taking me along! It must have felt so strange to stand in that field, knowing that so many lost their lives. Love that picture of the marsh, and the church is just gorgeous. Oh, I envy you so much! Beauty and history at every turn!
    I hope you do research on those possible ancestors of yours!

  7. what a fabulous place to visit...with such history!!! thanks for taking us with you!

  8. Thank you for the tour! I enjoyed all of your wonderful pictures.

  9. Those tiles look like a design by Pugin who was behind the rebuilding of the current houses of parliament in 1834 .
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