Saturday, 31 July 2010

A Taste of Somerset

The weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse since I returned from my break in Somerset. After being starved of rain for two months, the garden is now looking a bit on the soggy side! My flowers are suffering. The good thing is we had lots of sunshine in Somerset. There were so many places I wanted to see that we had to limit ourselves in the time we had. Here’s just a taster of some of things we did.

First stop was Glastonbury, no not the festival, the town! I think every single shop in Glastonbury is a spiritual, hippy trippy type place. That’s fine if you are out of fairy dust or joss sticks but where the heck do people in this town buy their groceries!! It is a very pretty town with its Abbey and we had a nice lunch in a cafe called Hundred Monkeys We also stopped off at the tor just outside the town and climbed to the top.

The views from the top were worth the climb!

Wells was next on the list. It has an amazing cathedral. All I could think about when looking around this cathedral was the baby eating bishop of Bath and Wells from the Black Adder series!

The cloisters in Wells Cathedral.

This is where all the priests used to live and not surprisingly it is called Vicars' Close!!

Next stop, Bath. It is a town I have always wanted to visit and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

The Roman Baths are really interesting to look around and we had a look around No 1 The Crescent which is now a museum.

Roman Baths

With all that sightseeing it was nice to chill out on the beach in the evening.

Finally, here’s some mischief makers, Tiger and Lily, my new kittens. We’ve had them two weeks now and they settled in almost immediately. They are into and onto everything! There’s not an ornament left in sight!

As you can see, I have a problem with blogging now as they think it is great fun to sit on my laptop!

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Beautiful really looked the part in your Roman sandals! Nice to have you back. xxx

  2. Beautiful English towns, dont you just love this countries history and the visal delights of the ancient buildings we are so blessed to still have around us. Thank you for taking the time to allow us a visal peek into your time away.. Those kittens are beautiful... Meadow..xx..

  3. Ah, lovely nice to see all those places again - seems ages since I was last in Bath - great photos! Tiger and Lily are gorgeous:)

  4. I can't think of three more interesting towns to visit than Glastonbury, Wells and Bath. The Close at Wells is lovely isn't it? Love your little kittens and their names too. Were you a Rupert Bear fan?

  5. I want to see it all too, Susie! There are so many beautiful places to visit in England, and I appreciate you taking us all with you. Your kitties are just precious, and it'll be fun to watch them grow, and create all kinds of mayhem!
    Happy Sunday!

  6. Bath is such a beautiful city I could visit at any time and Wells Cathedral is spectacular. I love the little close and its almshouses. I really enjoyed your pictures.


  7. Hi Susie!! What a beautiful place with beautiful buildings.Nice photos as always. Tiger and Lily are so adorable!!

  8. Hi Susie..I thought I had already left you a comment..the Roman Baths look amazing, they certainly know how to enjoy life!

  9. We've been to all of those places -- and just love them all! Great places all! Glad your new kitties are settling in!

  10. This post took me back to my holiday in somerset 2 years ago! We camped in Cheddar Gorge and visited Glastonbury, Wells and Bath... though sadly we didn't go to the beach! We had a really great holiday and it looks like you did too. I have enjoyed reading your blog, the house looks like it's coming along nicely! I look forward to reading/seeing more.

    Your newest follower,

  11. Bath looked lovely, I really must visit it.
    Your Kittens sound as bad as our Kitten Milo, he is a little Terror..x

  12. Hi Susie, Just discovered your beautiful blog via Louise. I love your photos of Bath, I loved visiting there over 20 years ago when I was newly married. Hoping to get back to your beautiful country in a couple of years. Your kittens are soooo cute and I can image how much mischief they are getting into.
    Have a lovely day.


  13. Such wonderful places you have visited Susie!!!! I so love the old wonderful arquitecture all over Europe... a little bit sad about our old beautiful buildings over here, so many have collapsed after the mega earthquake, so many old typical houses too.
    I´m so happy you have visited me.
    I don´t know why I wasn´t your follower, but I`m now!!!
    maria cecilia

  14. What great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    Irma :)

  15. Tiger and Lily are just so cute. I agree, it's a great set of photos. x

  16. Dear Susie, hope you and your family are doing very well. Wishing you come back to blogging!!!!
    maria cecilia

  17. You have such a wonderful blog!
    I hope that you will back with lots of more lovely posts!


  18. Hello Susie,
    beautiful photos, I have been there
    in the spring and I love England.
    A hug Susy

  19. Hi Susie, I am missing you and I hope you come back to your blog soon. I hope all is well with you and that you are just very busy!

  20. Hello Susie, I thought I'd come over from Meadow's and say hello. I am living on a building site too, although we do have a caravan for when the major work was taking place! Your home looks very welcoming and cozy. ps I buy my groceries in Morrisons, just off the High street :D

  21. Hello Susie, I haven't stopped by in a while. I loved this post with all that sunshine. thank you for sharing.

    Lisa xx

  22. I live in the states but originally came here from England. I love looking at your blog, especially the renovation and your travels. Dont you just love the Roman baths? I felt as though I could close my eyes and imagine some Roman soldier looking over my shoulder. I really miss England so will be visiting you often