Sunday, 23 May 2010

Summer Days

First things first. Congratulations to Mami the winner of my giveaway. Your prize will be winging its way over to Japan very soon. I hope you like it!

Over at my parent’s house, look what we found in the barn! Five gorgeous little kitties!

There are two ginger, two tabby and one tortoiseshell.

Here’s mum. She doesn’t have a name. She is a stray who took it upon herself to visit every day during our horrible winter and of course, my mother took pity on her and started feeding her. She is still very nervous and won’t come in the house and it is difficult to get near her. She has made her home in one of the outbuildings at my parent’s house and that is where she had her kittens. She is gradually gaining our trust and becoming more confident and if you approach her carefully, will now let you stroke her. She is a really good mother and is doing well with her kittens and is very proud of them, purring away when you go to look at them. The kittens get cuter by the day and are just beginning to open their eyes. So far, we have found homes for four of them including mine!

My mum in her greenhouse getting all the geraniums ready to put out in the garden.

It has been a bit of a scorcher this weekend and about time too and with all the warm weather everthing is now beginning to flower in the garden.

This clematis is taking over the hedge that borders the garden but it does look very pretty.

You may remember, last year I bought some alium bulbs at Tatton Park Flower Show and here they are now just out in the flower border.

BBQ time. Making the most of the good weather, on Saturday I went to a BBQ at my brother's place.
Rufus was looking pretty cool in his shades!!

Getting the fire going.

How long does it take to put a two year old's swing together. Most of the afternoon in this case! Time for a cool off in the paddling pool I think!

Hope you all enjoy your your week and the sunshine.


  1. What a wonderful day you had with your family ! Thanks for sharing, Gina

  2. Looks like you had a perfect weekend! What a sweet surprise those kittens were! Adorable.

    Bellaboo :0)

  3. Those kittens are so very sweet.I used to look after a lot of strays when I was a child and helped bring up many kittens over the years. I have one big problem, I cannot part with them. Too hard...Lilly is spayed and Larry is nuteured so no chance of kittens...
    It looks like you had a good weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  4. Hi Susie. I've been wilting all weekend but doesn't everything look better in the sunshine! Kids swings & other toys always take forever to fix up....if MEN are doing it! xxxxxxxx

  5. Oh I love cats. Those kittens are really cute...Summmer is certainly a beautiful season. Enjoy your summer Susie!

  6. Ohhh, the kittens are gorgeous, and the story of your mam taking pity on the mother cat reminds me of a book of Miss Reads, called Tiggy, in which a pregnant cat seeks shelter in her out house, she takes pity in her, feeds her ect..., and she has her kittens and becomes part of the family, and the story is true too. :) xxx

  7. Hi Susie, your garden is looking great!
    Congrats to Mami!
    Have a lovely week xxx

  8. awww who can resist a kitten they are beautiful .lovely bright and sunny photos I am glad you enjoyed your weekend I have always loved aliums

  9. Wow!! Goodness to be the winner of your giveaway!! Glad to hear the news!!
    Cant wait until my postman comes :)

    What a cute kitties!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely time!!

    Have a nice week!!


  10. Hi Susie,
    Nice to meet you. I found your little blog, which is VERY cute by the way...via Bernideen in Colorado.
    I am in Louisiana! Very hot here right now.
    I grinned when I read the part on your post that mentioned how warm it was going to be there.
    And I know it was quite warm because I read the BBC last night, something I do daily...and saw photos of people crowding the beaches in Brighton and other place.
    Loved your photos...loved the kitten, and your house is amazing!
    Keep up the good work!
    Be blessed,

  11. Those kittens are very cute. Looks like great fun at your brothers.

    Your photos are terrific. Those aliums are such a pretty color and I love your Mum's greenhouse.

  12. Oh how cute are those kittens!
    gorgeous, which one are you having?
    The sun has gone now and it's raining, glad you made the most of it while it was here!

  13. Hi Susie,The kittens are so cute!!!
    The Aliums are wonderful!I must keep it in mind

  14. I like all the colors on this blog! Wonderful! What beautiful flowers you have... Lovely! Color makes me happy.

  15. Where are you Susie???? Are you OK....missing you! xxx