Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Me Time Weekend!

Hello, how are you all? I’ve been so wrapped up in problems at work that I haven’t really had time to think about blogging. I know I haven’t posted for ages and I’m sorry for neglecting all my bloggy friends but sometimes I find it really hard to get inspired, so much so that I think I might stop blogging. Do you ever feel like that?

This weekend I have had some me time. To hell with the housework, cooking , cleaning, ironing and washing. Yesterday I had a day’s shopping.

I went to Shrewsbury and took my time browsing in ‘out of the way’ shops that I don’t normally have time to shop in. There are a lot of little independent shops in Shrewsbury selling things you don’t normally see in general high street stores. I bought this really pretty jug in a shop called Vintage. They have lots of gorgeous vintage stuff and I could have spent a fortune but then I saw this necklace in Whitestuff and bought that instead.

Something for my summer wardrobe...I bought some espadrille sandals in Next and finally,

some heart door hangers for my new dresser. All in all a very good day.

Today though I’m sitting by the fire with a cup of coffee, Country Living Magazine and a bag of Cadbury’s mini eggs because we’ve had more of this...

...yes it has snowed again so I think I’ll just sit inside and watch it falling.

Hope you all have a good week.
Susie X


  1. Lovely post, and lovely buys!!
    Please don't stop blogging. I suppose there are always times we feel we don't have too much to say. Really enjoy it, when you do!!

    Keep warm, and have a lovely week : )

    Sharon xx

  2. You had a good shopping day! Sounds like you needed that 'me' time.Love the hearts in that CK fabric,and that is a very pretty jug....some daffs would look nice in that!
    I hope you do keep blogging as I look forward to your posts.Maybe it's the time of the year,as there's not much happening at the mo.When the Spring arrives you will have more to blog about maybe?

    Bellaboo :o)

  3. Susie I've really enjoyed your post. I know how you feel about finding energy and inspiration I've been feeling much the same recently - please don't give up blogging though just post when you feel like it:) What a wonderful shopping trip you had - such pretty things:) We have had a lot more snow - so - this morning we went outside, went back to our childhoods and built a snowman! It was such fun and I feel better now:) Take care:)

  4. The snow just goes on and on in some places!!
    I think your blog is don't give up!
    I get like you now and again and I often wonder what on earth I can say that is interesting...but something usually turns up!
    Have a good Sunday ;-)

  5. I love the jug, it is so pretty, and your shoes are gorgeous!
    It is snowing here again too, so pleased we are staying home today. :) xxx

  6. Hi Susie! I just found your blog, so you can't stop now. Love your cottage. I'll be back to visit again, so please keep posting.

    Susan and Bentley

  7. I always look forward to your latest post. Make sure you keep blogging cause you always have lovely photos and lovely things to show us. BTW, Country Living magazine is my favourite magazine!

  8. Hi Susie! I can sympathize with you as I've got one of those periods at work!
    Enjoy your own time and your lovely purchases!

  9. Glad to hear of you!Also you have a relaxing time and nice shopping.Good for you!
    Everyone has real life actually,so I've got the same feeling of blogging as you.But occationally blogging makes us encouragement too.
    Please enjoy your time!

    Afar from Japan

  10. I soooo hear in Canada, I am part of the NO PEEKING PLEDGE for one week each month...I on the other hand am sewwwwwwwwww inspired, I need a week to get things done....Lovely pics, lovely blogging...
    blessings madame samm
    who is now following you and placing you on my blog list...cheerio...for at least a week

  11. Welcome back! We all feel like giving up blogging sometimes, I felt like it last week also, but please don't!!!! I love the sandals, wish I could still walk in heels like that without falling over & breaking my neck! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Hello Susie

    Good for you having a "ME DAY" I can't wait to have one of those again... ooh more snow! We have boring old rain on the way again. I would prefer to have snow instead.

    You did well on your shopping trip. I like the floral espadrilles.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  13. love all the things you got...especially the hearts and jug!! xx

  14. Gorgeous buys. I can't believe all this snow, I wish it would stop now! I understand what you mean about blogging, I go through days like that too.

    Shirl x

  15. Hi Susie,just found your blog,wow please don't stop,love all your little buys,you have inspired me to get my act together to sort my blog out,just can't get to grips with how to do stuff on it:) beckyxx

  16. What a sweet lovely post! I love those charming heart door hangers..beautiful!

  17. Hello Susie darling, glad you had a me time and did some shopping which always brings us smiles. I adore the jug you got the shoes are lovely too. It's hard to think of summer when there is so much snow, isn't it.

    Darling, as for blogging, a follower told me to "Blog without obligation" sounds good to me, so darling blog when you can and don't worry, we will all be here for you. Hope your week goes by easy.

    Love & Hugs

  18. Hello Susie,
    Just stumbled upon your blog.I'm new to the blogs so wish me luck. I'm soooooo loving the jug you bought, I will come back to visit soon. Hoping to have a Me-day as well.

  19. So very glad to have found you and your pretty blog. This weather really is tiresome now. It must end soon...

  20. Please don't even think about not blogging anymore, Susie! You know I love every visit to your blog, and seeing the progress of your cottage. I've been feeling very blah about blogging too. I haven't visited my favorites as much as I should, so I was actually glad to see that I hadn't missed any of your posts. Don't pressure yourself about blogging. Just do it when you feel like it, and I'll always be happy to see a new post from you!
    That jug is so YOU! And those espadrilles will be so lovely, once the snow melts. I'm so sick of wearing boots!!

  21. Susie, looks like you had a wonderful day shopping. Great finds.
    I know there are days when it just does not seem that winter will ever end but, it will soon.

    I hope that you will continue to blog. I love reading your blog and hope to visit it for a long time to come.

  22. I think it's the time of year, so cold wet and miserable most of the time! It's sometimes hard to be inspired. Love the jug and your other buys. I am sat here catching up blogs instead of doing some much needed housework. Carry on blogging, it will soon be Spring...

  23. hello! what a lovely blog you have. i love the hearts!


  24. No don't stop blogging, just post when you can we all lead busy lives and sometimes there just isn't time, but even a post every few months can inspire someone else in so many ways, to start a blog themselves, or a craft or idea's for decorating there own home, you have a great blog keep up the good work!


  25. Hello, Susie,
    I am glad you had some time just for yourself. That is very important! You bought some wonderful treasures on your shopping adventure. Those cute sandals are reminding me of spring. Hopefully, spring will soon arrive. I really need to see some green grass and flowers blooming. I also love those sweet, sweet hearts. I hope you have a beautiful weekend! Vicki

  26. Hi Susie, I was soooo pleased to read this post, cuz I thought it was just me of late and some kind of odd mood I was in that was causing me to feel motherhood burn out, no inspiration for creating, no good ideas for blogging, etc. So happy to hear that it is much the same for you right now. A ME DAY, I am in the mood for one of them. Just thoughts for me, no one else, no house work, no problem solving for the kidlets, no demands from anyone. Sounds like heaven!! I am happy to see that you had such a day, and it looked like a wonderful one!! I love shoe shopping, that would be a good start on a me-day for me. :-) take care, and don't ever fret about not getting around to blogging, I think it happens to everyone at some point, and we will all be here when you feel like posting. hugs, Debby

  27. Hi Susie,

    The yellow pitcher is really lovely. It sounds like you had a very nice day :)