Friday, 14 January 2011

New Year, New Start

Hello everyone.

A belated happy New Year to all of you out there is blog land. I hope you all had a good Christmas.

This is a rather image heavy post of a sort of condensed version of my family Christmas, more for my own record that anything so I hope you enjoy having a look!

Christmas 2010 was a very cold one. We had lots of snow and temperatures of minus 17 degrees C, which is cold for England! It was also quite chaotic at our place with the plumber coming in to install the central heating just a week before the festivities. My cats, Tiger and Lily pretty much destroyed my Christmas tree so the photograph you are seeing on this post is the first day that it was put up. After this it looked a sorry state. But we all had a good time, ate lots, drank lots, did the usual party games, went to see a pantomime at the theatre, visited Santa’s reindeer, walked in the snow and went sledging and built snowmen.

A game of Hungry Hippos!
My mum's table set for Christmas dinner.
Lily in her favourite place.
Big boys and little boys playing dungeons and dragons!
Christmas dinner at my mum's.
Sir Rufus!
Tiger on her way to destroying my tree!
Choosing the Christmas tree and visiting the reindeer.
Snowy Shropshire
Santa's reindeer
More sledging

I cant wait to get out in my garden again. Due to the exceptionally cold weather, I have lost a lot of plants this winter. My olive tree has finally had it after surviving more than ten winters outside and the bay trees and rosemary are black. I think even if I cut them back they probably wont come again. Even though it is sad that I have lost so many plants, I am looking forward to re-planning my garden and having a rethink about what to plant in the spring.

Happy New Year!
Susie X